Department of Visual Arts

ASEMA Academy has built its programs in such a way that students are familiar with the basic teachings of a traditional art school, in a well defined methodical style. Academy ASEMA makes the proper lesson definitions, based on the age of each student and their particular naturally gifted talent.

ASEMA Academy provides tools, materials and conditions necessary for the education and practice of students by creating a professional dossier of artistic work, while examining the work of renowned, inspiring masters of visual arts.

Students learn about their creative processes and different techniques, using a variety of materials and methods such as withdrawal, clay, carving, watercolor and collage. Students practice the techniques of famous artists from around the world, developing artistic skills, which will lead to the discovery of personal talents and their own artistic identity.

ASEMA Academy also offers parents the opportunity to see their children’s work through exhibitions that are held several times a year during the academic season. Suggestions from our student’s parents would welcomed and helpful and  we urge them not to hesitate to say fun because it will help us to accomplish our common goals and make our joint-venture even more productive.